Corporation today

Thermex Corporation is an international trade and industrial holding company, one of the leaders on the HVAC market and one of the world’s leading manufacturers of heating and water heating equipment. In 2024 Thermex celebrates the 75th anniversary.

Thermex Corporation includes 27 enterprises with 104 branches and representative offices worldwide. Business units of the Corporation are engaged in manufacture, sales, logistics and service of heating and water heating equipment, including electric water heaters, electric convector heaters, gas-fired boilers, gas water heaters, heating radiators, industrial boilers and accessories for the heating and water heating equipment.

Production is basically manufacturing broad range of heating and water-heating products. Thermex assortment line is the widest one, capable to satisfy the demand of the strictest consumer. They are instantaneous water heaters of open and closed types and storage devices with capacity of 5 to 300 litres of direct and indirect heating of different form factors. Our products are used in domestic and industrial sectors.

Today we operate in different markets in various countries. Our sales companies are located in many countries around the world. In a number of countries, we have built a complete cycle providing delivery of the products to another country, their storage, delivery to the stores or directly to a consumer, services on equipment installation, warranty and maintenance services. This is our Corporation’s business.

The efficient service and logistics distribution system makes it possible to satisfy the customer’s needs of any complexity and at any level of efficiency.

We attach great importance to the product quality. We are convinced that success can only be achieved while maintaining quality at the highest level. All products manufactured by Thermex meet all the quality requirements imposed by the operating countries.

We help our partners to maximize profits due to determination of customers’ needs and calculation of the best product offering by using segmentation and analytics. We are proud to be involved in the success of our clients!