Professional line. Combined storage water heaters with an integrated high performance serpentine heat exchanger and electric heating element. Highly efficient solution for using the alternative sources of heating energy
Maximum integration
Combined water heaters constructed to become a part of any modern heating system and multiply it’s efficiency by integration with:
  • Central heating systems
  • Gas and fuel boilers
  • Heat pumps
  • Solar collectors
… and other popular types of domestic heating sources

Maximum efficiency
The internal heating controlled by a double safety thermostat and temperature setting knob, through the coil may work combined with the external heating system, having so a double heating source for maximum performance of hot water. Switched heating element “off” letting the water being heating by the external source via the coil; with the element “on” and the external heating system “off” it helps saving energy in the summer month.

Maximum reliability
COMBI series provide optimum reliability even when working with more severe conditions than a conventional water heaters. Inner tank and heat exchanger are covered by Bio-glasslined coating with highest grade of anti-corrosion protection. Long life of COMBI heaters provided by using high level quality raw materials and spare parts with multi-stage quality control on production lines.