Instant Open/Closed

General description

They combine the advantages of storage and flow equipment - compact, fast heating and ease of installation. The new generation of instantaneous water heaters Thermex is equipped with a heat exchanger and a copper tubular electric heating element (TEHE). The water heater appearance is an embodiment of the industrial design evolution and Thermex years of experience implemented in a concise form. Instantaneous water heater Thermex can supply hot water to 2-3 water-supply points.

  • Water-supply system type: Pressure
  • Integration into the water supply system: Open type, Closed type,
  • Power options: from 3.5 kW to 10 kW
  • Location type: Wall-mounted
  • Casing shapes: Rectangular compact (in vertical and horizontal version)
  • Heat exchanger material: Copper, Plastic
  • Control types: Hydraulic